Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing capabilities at Constellation can be leveraged by your application to build intelligent applications that interact in natural English. Our patent pending technology can help you do the following using NLP

Conversational Agents & Question Answering

We can build systems that can talk in natural language, maintaining a dialog, context as well as get things done. You can use this feature for FAQ’s, help desk and even systems than can react based on twitter/Facebook conversations.

Speech Recognition & Voice Commands

We can build learning models and build applications that can respond to voice commands. We can help you leverage an existing speech to text system as well as build your own system (for a limited vocabulary)

Sentiment Analysis

Want to do sentiment analysis (out of the box as well as custom) – we can help. We can build deep learning systems that can understand context and tag data as positive or negative.

Document Categorization

Want to categorize emails, documents, helpdesk requests based on the content? We can help.  We can train, test and fine tune high performance Maximum Entropy models for your next big project.

Intelligent Semantic Search

Using our patent pending context understanding technology, we can build intelligent search systems for your. Systems that can understand deeper meaning in sentences like colors, people, places and how they are related with each other.

We have worked with customers and helped achieve awesome results. We work with Core Java algorithms as well as the following technologies :